It is almost empty so I squeeze every last bit of the Titanium White out of the Windor & Newton tube and onto my glass palette. I take my weathered brush and slowly dab from a little bit of each to form the brushstroke:

Paynes Grey, Titanium White and Blush.

A few weeks ago I was applying for an application, which forced me to analyze my process. At first I thought, well, I don't have a process. But, I realized I confused process with ritual. The more I began thinking about process, the more I realized that process is the act of creating with intention and seeing it through to the end. I have a process of creating many paintings at once, and working in layers as each dries and reworking the surface by adding and taking away the paint. My rituals in the studio? Having a cup of tea, putting on some chill music and slipping on my black apron before I can paint.