Kelsie Grazier


Kelsie Grazier is a contemporary artist from Ladner, British Columbia, where she currently resides and paints. She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the esteemed Emily Carr University and studied Fine Arts at Langara College. She went on to receive her teaching degree in Secondary Art Education at the University of British Columbia. In teaching, Kelsie realized another passion in helping others. In 2015, she completed her Masters in Special Education specializing in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education. Kelsie is deaf herself.

Kelsie’s work is reminiscent of architecture that is influenced by travel and the memories of structures foreign and familiar. To recreate the feeling of a fleeting memory, she manipulates the paint through layering, adding and omitting to create translucent layers on mylar. Mylar provides the lightness, luminosity and airiness to evoke transcendence of time. 

Several of her paintings have been purchased by private collectors across Canada and have been included in graduation exhibitions and numerous community art exhibitions.

Artist Statement

My work originates from the need to simplify movement. With a focus on exploring gesture, lines and painterly abstraction connect my thought process visually. The paintings guide the eye through volume, space and time. Thoughts are synthesized from visual remnants and impressions, and are then sent outward through my brushstrokes. The abstract expression could be a result of a memory, a feeling, an architectural element or everyday surroundings living on the water.

My search for the simplification of process draws inspiration from history, consciously and unconsciously. I am inspired by the Bauhaus movement- an institution of thought influential to modernist design. This philosophy wanted to bring many disciplines together including, architecture, painting and sculpture. Departing from rigidity, designs are fairly minimalist; fluid shapes with clean simple lines were used across mediums. By interconnecting different areas of expertise, process development becomes more complex but also mindful of how artistry can compliment each other.  
From these philosophies, my process intends to blend painterly aspects with inspiration from structured forms. Through the need to simplify, movement, colour and visual spaces a vocabulary of marks is created. I manipulate the traditional medium of oil painting along with drawing through a progression of layering, both adding and omitting translucent layers onto mylar, a thin polyester film substrate. In a search for essential forms, I am discovering the blank spaces between line and plane, along with the blank spaces the mind creates. In my work, this comes across with the material used, mylar, to provide a lightness and luminosity, while the white empty spaces as a fleeting transcendence of time. The mind can remember certain aspects over others, but not usually the whole thing.