A Peek At Our Photos with Kirill

In March, we were so lucky to have a photoshoot with Kirill Bordon. He is such a sweetheart and his photos have an amazing soft quality to them. We decided to take the photos where Tyler proposed- our home on the water. It is a special place to both of us, in the town we grew up in. We know we won't be able to stay here forever (and it will be soo hard to leave when that time comes) so I am glad we will have photos hanging on our wall that we can treasure in the years to come. We were also sure to fit in the Westham Island Bridge, a 105 year old gem, and one of the oldest operating swing bridges in BC.

I was really excited to wear my new outfit from Park and Fifth that I had purchased a few months before. Their dresses are so timeless, yet modern and I love the simplicity of the silhouette. We were given flowers for the shoot, and they add a formality so I decided to dress up for part! For the end of the session, I changed into a more causal top from Aritzia. 

Our love story was hand written in beautiful sepia calligraphy by Hello Maurelle. I was floored when I picked it up, it is truly stunning! From the paper, to the script, to the painted flowers at the bottom, Maurelle did an amazing job.

Hair style and Makeup by Faye Smith

Hair by Mcartney Frederickson

Flowers by Our Little Flower Company

Calligraphy by Hello Maurelle

Dress from Park and Fifth

Ring from Cavalier 


It is almost empty so I squeeze every last bit of the Titanium White out of the Windor & Newton tube and onto my glass palette. I take my weathered brush and slowly dab from a little bit of each to form the brushstroke:

Paynes Grey, Titanium White and Blush.

A few weeks ago I was applying for an application, which forced me to analyze my process. At first I thought, well, I don't have a process. But, I realized I confused process with ritual. The more I began thinking about process, the more I realized that process is the act of creating with intention and seeing it through to the end. I have a process of creating many paintings at once, and working in layers as each dries and reworking the surface by adding and taking away the paint. My rituals in the studio? Having a cup of tea, putting on some chill music and slipping on my black apron before I can paint.

100 Day Project: Painting My Silence

I guess I was looking for a challenge, because April 4th I started the 100 Day Project with Elle Luna and The Great Discontent. Essentially it is all about process. When we focus on process rather than product, we are able to allow our inner creative birdie to just p l a y!

So, by showing up day after day and practicing your skill, in my case, painting, you will only improve and go in new directions with your work. I think some of my best paintings have happened when I don't think too hard. Also, like my mom says practice makes perfect.